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How do I Check My Dog for Ticks?

on Wed 1 May

How to Prepare for Ticks


It’s Tick Time for Dogs! So time to prepare….


These nasty little things can carry lots of diseases that are harmful to both dogs and humans; so whilst a tick is very common they should not be overlooked. As a doggy parent, you must take action.


Checking for Ticks

When you are out and about, you want your dog to have as much fun as possible, but as soon as you return home, you should be checking for ticks.


Here’s the key places to check:

  • Between the toes
  • Inside the ears and around the ear folds
  • Under the chin and neck area
  • Groin and armpits

Also have a good feel all over for those pesky little beasts. They come in all shapes and sizes, so be careful to notice the little tiny ones!

Preventing Ticks

Of course, the best way to prevent ticks is to prepare in advance and take necessary precautions.

This can include a tick and flea collar. They are widely available, but the ones that we believe work best are from your vets. They will know your furry friend well and will also advise you on other preventative measures to take.


If your dog is unlucky enough to get a tick…

You need to remove it asap, in a safe way, ensuring that you leave nothing behind.

We recommend the Tick Twister. It’s a fantastic little tool that is simple to use.

Don’t wait until your dog gets a tick. They are more common than you think, so have your Tick Twister at home and waiting.

Tick Twisters are available from Scenterbarks.  

Pop into Reception and grab yours for just £5.



Here's what a tick in situ looks like on your dog. But do remember, they come in all sizes and some are not so easy to spot.