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Meet The Incredible Team ScenterBarks

ScenterBarks have a full and dedicated team of dog owning carers all trained to care for your dog to the highest standard. Meet the team here!




Lucy has always had a keen interest in dog training and started her journey working with dogs by volunteering with a trainer who was part of the Association of Pet Dog Trainer. She then started her own pet services business in Southampton where she continued to expand her knowledge and information on dog body language, calming signals and appropriate play. She has previously been a member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. 

Lucy has tons of experience with many different breeds. She grew up with rescues, Boxers and now owns an Akita and a Cypriot rescue. With these dogs she has done the kennel club good citizenship scheme, T Touch, scentwork, agility and even currently competes in flyball!

Lucy values and encourages good socialisation in a controlled environment which ScenterBarks are able to offer.



Nikki's passion for dogs started 15 years ago after helping out at dog training classes with a renowned dog trainer who is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainer (APDT). She went on to begin her own pet care service business from home in 2006 where she continued to care for hundreds of dogs and gained much experience and knowledge.

Nikki is currently the owner of a Pug, French bulldog and an Akita. She has rescued many dogs in the past of various different breeds which has added to her vast understanding of care and needs for each individual dog.

Nikki has a keen interest in canine behaviour and body language, attending local training and behaviour talks, Tellington TTouch UK and Canine first Aid courses to expand and keep up to date in this field of knowledge.


Centre leader
Tyeisha joined ScenterBarks in 2016 after getting her Diploma in level 3 in Animal Management.
She is also canine first aid trained!
She owns a Weimaraner called Belka but is also partial to Whippets and Dachshunds. Belka gets all the attention and is a super sweet, chilled out boy who loves a good run in the woods. He also shares his home with fish, and turtles!
Tyeisha loves getting lots of cuddles from all the dogs and being with lots of dog crazy people every day!
In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and doing lots of different arts and crafts!


Dog walker manager

When did you start working at ScenterBarks?

Autumn 2018 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love building up a bond with dogs and becoming one of their favourite people. Picking up excited dogs from their houses to take them out always brings me such joy!

What are your hobbies?

When I’m not out walking for work, I’m such a couch potato! I love trying new crafts and particularly enjoy knitting.

Favourite dog breeds?

I love walking spaniels, always such fun and never a dull moment! I’m also partial to a whippet too! 

What are your credentials/ past experience before coming to ScenterBarks?

I studied animal management at Sparsholt College after deciding on a career change. After leaving Sparsholt I knew I wanted to work with dogs and worked in kennels before landing a job with ScenterBarks. I haven’t looked back since! 

Do you have any pets at home and what do you love about them?

Controversially, I have two cats called Chinju and Beep. They are my babies! I don’t have any dogs at the moment, I get my dog fix while at work!


Dog welfare Co-ordinator

Sophie started working at ScenterBarks in 2017. She loves seeing the dogs have a great time, it always puts a smile on her face! She says the best feeling is seeing the slightly more timid dogs come out of their shell.

Sophie has a level 3 diploma in Animal Management and is currently training with the IMDT to become a dog trainer.

Sophie lives with her boyfriend and his Dachshund named Elfo. She loves so much about him including his cheeky personality and the best sleepy cuddles! She loves a wide variety of breeds but says she definitely has a soft spot for Jacks Russells.
In her spare time she enjoys playing the drums, reading, knitting occasionally exploring nature to find lots of fun new walks!


Staffing co-ordinator
Gareth started working at ScenterBarks in 2017. He is a huge animal enthusiast and has a lot of love and passion for looking after all creatures! He has a BSC in animal management and has previous experience working at a local animal charity for 7 years where he helped rescue dogs find their forever families.
Gareth loves that he gets to be with the dogs every day, building bonds and watching each of them as they grow and become part of the daycare family. As well as working with the amazing daycare team each day and seeing how much each of them loves working with the dogs as much as I do. 
Gareth owns a Rottweiler cross Springer Spaniel called Phoebe who is 8 years old. He also has a rescue Quaker (Monk) Parakeet and a rescue Royal Python!
In his spare time Gareth loves helping his friend look after their 4 horses, walking with his dog and friends and is a novice twitcher and likes to learn about watching wild birds both in the UK and abroad (mainly Southern Africa). He is also currently a committee member on the board of trustees for St Francis Animal Welfare and actively contribute to their fundraising efforts so as you can see, Gareth is very busy with a animal filled life!



Senior daycare assistant

Jamie started working for ScenterBarks in 2022. He owns a dog called Trixie. He loves sneaking his favourites out with him when he's working on reception or having his lunch break! You'll usually find him with a Cockerpoo in tow!

Jamie studied at Sparholt University and has a degree in Animal Management and has done lots of volunteer work in local zoos! 

He is also Canine First Aid trained!

Jamies favourite breeds are Spaniels and any poodle mixes!

Jamie enjoys playing sports, including football once a week and is a massive Chelsea fan! He also spends most of his summer attending and watching cricket matches across the country 


Daycare assistant

Jess started working at ScenterBarks in 2021. She has a level 3 extended diploma in animal management and has just completed a university degree course so now has a bachelor of science degree in applied animal sciences. During her time at college she also carried out lots of work experience at the living rainforest in Newbury. 

Jess is also Canine First Aid trained!

She loves coming in and seeing how happy all the dogs are! She loves providing a safe and happy environment for the dogs away from their homes.

In her spare time she loves walking, including dog walking of course, especially at different beaches! She also enjoys watching new tv series and drawing!


Her favourite dog breeds are collies, huskies and whippets. in fact, she owns a husky x Malamute named Jonny at home. She says he has a typical dramatic husky attitude but he is also a really chilled out dog that loves to give cuddles.  


Daycare assistant

Owyn started working at ScenterBarks in 2021. He loves working with and making bonds with all the dogs. Owyn has a BSc in Zoology and a MSc Zoo Conservation Biology.

Owyn is also Canine First Aid trained!

He owns two lurchers called Willow and Rocket and a bearded dragon called Thok. Willow can escape anything if she decides to, whereas Rocket forgets how to move the moment his harness is on. And Thok is the Great Devourer of Crickets.

His favourite dog breeds are Huskies and other similar breeds, he has found since joining ScenterBarks he has more of an appreciation for all breeds though!

Owyns hobbies outside of work include computer games with online communities, Films and TV and playing with animals, of course. 



Daycare Assistant

Luke started working at ScenterBarks in 2023. He enjoys being greeted every morning by the dogs like they're old friends and learning all their different personalities1

Luke has an Animal Management Diploma from Sparsholt College and has worked at two different dog daycares. He has also worked in animal shelters and Longleat with Carnivores!

He is also Canine First Aid trained!

Luke's favourite breeds are Labradors. Spaniels and Dachshunds!

In his spare time, he likes Spraypainting, getting lost in the forest and krav maga!



Daycare Assistant

Natalie started working for Scenterbarks In 2023. She enjoys getting to know the dogs, developing bonds with them and learning their individual quirks.

She has a National Diploma in Animal Management and has done Volunteer work with Guide Dogs as a Puppy raiser/boarder and fundraising. 

Natalie is also Canine First Aid trained! 

Her Favourite breeds are Labradors, Golden Retrievers and Border Collies

In her spare time, she loves to spend most of her time with my family and regularly helps out with Guide Dogs events.

Natalie has two Black Cats called Shadow and Luna who are brother and sister. Luna also known as 'loonytunes' is a bit bonkers and should have been born a dog and her other cat shadow is super loving and affectionate. 

Dog walkers


Dog walker/daycare driver

Steve started working for ScenterBarks in 2022.

Steve previously worked for another dog walking company and has a level 3 qualification in professional day care and boarding!

Steve loves working with lots of different breeds of dogs and enjoys the best of an outdoor office. 

In his spare time Steve loves family time and going out on his motorbike!




Dog walker/ Daycare assistant

Lianne started working for Scenterbarks in 2023. She has been a dog walker since 2018 working with all breeds in groups and solo walks. 

She is also Canine First aid trained. 

Lianne loves seeing how happy the dogs are throughout the day and the trust that they put in you! 

Her favourite breeds are anything with a doodle, Bearded Collies, Bedlington terriers and Greyhounds. 

In her spare time, Lianne likes Photography, travel, sport, spending time in nature and reading

She has a couple of lovely pets including her cockerpoo Mala, Lilofee the cat, a bearded dragon called Lemmie, two beautiful zebra finches and a lovely aquarium.