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Companionship For Your Pup

puppy visits Romsey

Providing love, games and company with a puppy visit to check on your pup throughout the day.

puppy visits chandlers ford

Catered puppy care to suit you and your pups requirements.

puppy visits winchester

Helps with development of puppies basic life skills, confidence as well as toilet training.

puppy visits chandlers ford

Gentle introduction to the ScenterBarks team for when they are old enough to join dog walking or dog daycare.

puppy visits eastleigh

1-1 attention with love, cuddles, play and most importantly - lunch.

puppy visits

Visited by their experienced and highly trained dog walker.

puppy visit winchester

Strong ethical belief in kind and caring positive reinforcement training techniques.

puppy daycare winchester

Tell us all about you and your puppy

By registering you will have your very own portal to tell us everything we need to know to provide the best care for your pup.

puppy visit winchester

We'll come and say hi to your puppy

Greeted by one of the friendly members of our puppy care team, we can't wait get to know you and your pup and tell you more about what we do.


Puppy visit

We hope you will fall in love with us

We are confident our love will shine through and we will be perfect for you and your dogs needs. We hope to welcome them to our caring Scenterbarks family.