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Remember remember - Dogs this November!

on Wed 15 Nov

The joy of fireworks is here! Pretty lights brightening up the sky with lots of ooohs and aaahhs. 

Unfortunately the loud bangs can cause issue for pet owners as they can become very stressed.

Here are our top tips on how to set your dog up for success around fireworks so they can relax and you can have a happy household.

- Start young! If you have a young dog, this is the perfect time to socialise them to fireworks so they don't have anxiety about it when they are older. Stay with them on their first fireworks night and reward them with lots of tasty treats and games. They will start to associate fireworks with all the good things.

- Give them plenty of exercise and opportunity to toilet during the day. Do not let them outside if fireworks are going off unless they are comfortable with the sounds.

- Close the curtains and turn the TV up. This can drown out the noise and the flashes which will make the dog feel more comfortable.

- Create them a den. Dogs like a safe place, whether this is a crate which is covered or a fort between the sofas (like you probably used to do when you were a kid!)

- Use calming products such as pet remedy or adaptil

- If really anxious, get some medication from the vets a few days before fireworks start.