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Think dog this Halloween

on Tue 24 Oct

We all think about our dogs on nights like fireworks night and New years eve, but Halloween often gets forgotten. 

From a dogs point of view they have strangers in weird masks showing up at their house and walking the streets........creepy!!

There are steps we can take for our dogs though.

  • Get them walked early, before ghosts and ghouls start wondering the streets.
  • Keep them away from the door when you're answering. This will stop them getting scared and/or running out of the door. It will also stop them jumping up or getting in trouble with strangers.
  • If your dog gets really upset with visitors, put a sign on the door politely asking them not to knock.
  • Once you've returned from trick or treating - keep those chocolates and sweets well away from your dog!

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!