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How to become a great doggie dentist at home!

on Mon 27 Jun


Did you know…

Your pup's teeth may seem super strong but can become weak and decay in time just like our teeth. Their teeth need the same level of care we give our own teeth to keep them pearly white.

Brushing your pup's teeth daily is very important but you don’t have to go and buy lots of expensive toothpaste or brushes.

Brushing your dog’s teeth daily with just water is more effective than a weekly or monthly session with doggy toothpaste. But using doggie toothpaste in every clean will give them that extra sparkle. 


How to keep your dog’s teeth clean

Brushing your dog’s teeth is as essential to keeping them super strong.

When to brush their teeth you ask…

Before bed or after their last meal of the day, you want to bush for a total of two minutes. Make sure to not miss the back ones when brushing. 

What treats are good for helping clean their teeth…

Dental chews are good for dogs but you will want to check the labels to make sure they are low in fat. We recommend Whimzees they are great all-natural vegetable treats and they come in some super cool shapes like a toothbrush. 

You can also try some other natural treats you can give them to help clean their teeth like raw bones and even a crunchie carrot. 



Dos and Don’ts

  • Do brush your dog’s teeth daily.
  • Don’t use human toothpaste as this can contain chemicals toxic to dogs.
  • Introduce your dog from a young age slowly and make it part of their routine. 
  • Some dental chews are high in calories. So just check the labels and change their normal diet accordingly.
  • If your dog has any problems with their teeth seek advice from your vet.

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