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Supporting your dogs

on Tue 19 May

Covid-19 lockdown has been quite stressful for some of us & also some of our dogs.

Here is some Scenterbarks advice to help you through the next couple of weeks & hopefully find our new 'normal' routine with our dogs.

Dog care - Covid-19

Lucy Lloyd on Fri 20 Mar

Let our guide take away one stress of looking after your dog with some links to local pet businesses who can help you during this time and I’m sure will be grateful for your custom too. 

Christmas and your pooch

on Wed 11 Dec

Christmas can be an exciting busy time for all the family and it can be for your dog too, as long as you set your dog up ready for all the changes. See our top tips for managing your dog this Christmas.

Getting our dog geek on

on Wed 20 Nov

Upskilling and teaching in Cyprus

Keeping your dog calm on Bonfire Night

on Thu 31 Oct

Our top tips on managing fireworks and your dog

ScenterBarks volunteering in Cyprus

Lucy on Sat 26 Oct

Taking the #scenterbarkseffect to the dog rescues in Cyprus

ScenterBarks 5th birthday

Lucy on Tue 15 Oct

ScenterBarks celebrate 5 years in business with a big party!

All Star Small business awards 2019

Lucy on Fri 27 Sep

ScenterBarks attended the All Star small business awards 2019 after being nominated for 2 categories!

We were finalists for 

- All Star member of the year and;

- Outstanding team member (our very own Laura!)

Simple steps to keep your dog cool on a hot day

Laura Day on Fri 12 Jul
We hope that this handy guide has helped you to keep your furry friend safe this summer.  

Our dogs can't regulate their body temperatures in the same way that us humans do.  We would always recommend reducing your usual exercise regime on very hot days and consider walking your dog in the early morning or evening, when it's much cooler.  It only takes an increase of 2 degrees in your dog's body temperature for heat stroke to kick in.  Do you know the signs?

Signs and Symptoms of Heat Stroke
  • Excessive and rapid panting
  • Tired, sluggish and unwilling to move around
  • Drooling and reddened gums
  • Vomiting and Diarrhoea
If you notice any of these symptoms, act quickly
and contact your vet immediately.

DIY Enrichment ideas that you can try at home

Laura Day on Thu 6 Jun


Try these brain games and watch that tail wag!

How do I Check My Dog for Ticks?

Scenterbarks on Wed 1 May

It’s Tick Time for Dogs! So time to prepare….


These nasty little things can carry lots of diseases that are harmful to both dogs and humans; so whilst a tick is very common they should not be overlooked. As a doggy parent, you must take action.

Best Business 2018!

Lucy on Sat 15 Sep

And the award goes to....................................................................ScenterBarks!!

Meeting Iwan Thomas and Frank!

Lucy on Sun 29 Apr

Our favourite season is here as the start of the fun dog shows begin!

Pugs and Frenchies snuffle their way to SB.

Nikki on Sun 8 Apr

Pugs, Frenchies and everything in between were invited to come play at the centre!

There aint no party like an SB party!

Lucy on Sat 7 Apr

Happy birthday to Bobby, Bindi and Bailey who celebrated by booking a birthday party with us!

Puppy Party!

Lucy on Sat 24 Feb

Puppy Playtime descends upon ScenterBarks!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lucy on Fri 22 Dec

ScenterBarks would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Remember Remember - Dogs this November!

Lucy on Wed 15 Nov

Firework celebrations are about to commence. Here are our top tips for keeping your dog comfortable so you can all enjoy them.

ScenterBarks become Multi-award winners!

on Tue 7 Nov

ScenterBarks win award for top 3 dog walkers in Winchester!

Think dog this Halloween

Lucy on Tue 24 Oct

With Halloween just a week away, have you thought dog?

ScenterBarks film debut.....sort of!

Lucy on Sat 14 Oct

ScenterBarks got the opportunity to shoot a promotional video behind the green screen.

First Dogtoberfest a huge success!

Lucy on Thu 12 Oct

ScenterBarks hosts the first Dogtoberfest, an Autumn dog market, in aid of raising money for St Francis Animal Welfare.

Award Winners!!

Lucy on Tue 1 Aug

Scenterbarks are pleased to announce that they won an award of distinction from eDogAdvisor.  

Scenterbarks puppy tips

Lucy on Sun 30 Jul

Scenterbarks tops 5 tips if you're getting a new puppy this summer!

Norton Park Hotel fun dog show

Nikki on Sun 23 Jul

ScenterBarks were at Norton Park Hotel in Winchester for their summer fete which included a fun dog show!

Keep your dogs cool this summer

Lucy on Sun 18 Jun

Our advice for keeping dogs cool during the hot months!

Loopy Labrador Lunch

Nikki on Sat 8 Apr

Scenterbarks hosted a breed meet for our Loopy Labradors.

Scenterbarks deliver in time for Christmas.

Lucy on Fri 16 Dec

Scenterbarks delivered some Christmas goodies to local dog charities.

Scenterbarks birthday celebration

Lucy on Sat 15 Oct

Scenterbarks host a party with Clients to celebrate their 2nd birthday!

ScenterBarks gets a visit from Capital FM!

Lucy on Mon 8 Aug

Emma from Capital FM came to Scenterbarks to try her hand at dog sitting!