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Keeping your dog calm on Bonfire Night

on Thu 31 Oct

It's coming up to that time of year when strangers are knocking at our front doors in costumes for treats and fireworks are banging and flashing away in the sky. It can be a lovely time for us humans but a really distressing time of year for our dogs.

Here at Scenterbarks HQ, the team have been talking about our top tips and remedies to keep our dogs calm and stress-free this season.  Read on for some of our ideas, we hope you find them useful!


Early walks
As fireworks tend to go off when it gets dark, try walking your dog a little earlier in the day. Try and encourage a nice, calm walk rather than something super energetic.  Perhaps take your dog to a place where there are plenty of places to sniff and hide some tasty treats for him to find.  This is like taking his brain for a walk and will help to tire him out!

Top Tip: Why not try out the #scenterbarkseffect and book your pooch in for a walk with our award-winning dog walking team?  You can book in for regular or ad-hoc walks in the Hampshire countryside; your pooch will return feeling happy and tired!  Call or Email us to book!


Provide enrichment activities

There are loads of fantastic enrichment activities now available for our dogs to keep their brains busy. This will not only help distract them from the outside world but will make them mentally tired and happy.

Why not our shop we have lots of different enrichment games and yummy treats to fill them up. 

Top Tip: Try some easy, free 'find it' games at home! Fill up an old box with shredded paper or roll up an old towel and hide some treats inside. 

When a dog is scared, they may attempt to run away from the thing that they are scared of. Hearing a big, loud, scary bang or bright flashing lights could result in your dog making a dash for it so it really is worth thinking about escape-proofing any areas of your home or garden to keep your pooch safe. 

Ensure early toileting so they don't have to go out in the dark when fireworks are more likely to be set off. You may even want to consider keeping them on lead for extra safety.

Top Tip: Make sure that your dog is microchipped and wearing an up to date dog tag. 

Create a calm zone
Preparing a nice snuggly, safe space for your dog to rest and relax is paramount.  Create a calm zone at home for your dog to enjoy.  Put the television or radio on low to dull out some of the noise outside, give him his favourite toys and snuggly blankets, fill up a kong or give him a super tasty chew. Speak calmly to your dog to reassure him that everything is ok and let him cuddle up with you if he needs it.  

Top tip: Dogs do take a little time to recover after feeling stressed so leave the calm zone accessible so that he can continue to rest and relax there. This may even be for a few days!

Try a natural calming remedy
There are a variety of natural remedies on the market which help to reduce anxiety and maintain a state of calm. Here at Scenterbarks, we use Pet Remedy products.

They have a luxury bandana with a mini bottle of pet remedy that you can spray and tie around your pooches neck. they also have a de-stressing and calming atomiser which you can plug in at home and let the scent fill the room, plus some calming spray that you can use on bedding and in thier calm zone.  


We hope that you have found this information useful and that you have some tools and techniques to help you and your pooch have a calm and stress-free fireworks night.  

If your dog is really struggling and feeling very afraid and distressed, please do contact a behaviourist (we highly recommend finding a positive trainer from the likes of IMDT, APDT or ABTC for example) and/or your vet for advice.