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Learn our top tips for for proper dog walking etiquette for enjoyable walks for you, your dog and the other poochies.

on Fri 23 Apr

We are so lucky here in Hampshire to be surrounded by the most beautiful dog walks - from beaches to the new forest we re spoilt for choice! (Make sure you check out our guide for our favourite dog walking spots- click here

To ensure everyone gets to enjoy these beauty spots there is a dog walking etiquette that should be followed. Here is what we know and have learnt throughout the years that everyone should do on their walks. Are you doing all of this?


Approaching another dog

Some dogs are social butterflies, while others just want to enjoy their own walk. Keep your dog with you at all times, even if the other dog is off lead. If you want your dog to play, it is just polite to ask if they are ok before letting your dog charge up. 

This is especially important if the dog is on lead and in fact, if you see a dog on lead - pop yours on too.

We've all had that moment when our, usually well behaved, off lead dog has decided to go charging up to a dog on lead or a scared kid -  bring on the grovelling apologies! Dogs will be dogs unfortunately and even the best trained dog will have it's "off" days. This can cause huge amounts of stress if the dog is on lead for a reason.

Although dogs can be on lead for various reasons, it's safe to assume that mostly likely that reason is to keep dogs and other people away. Whether that be due to them being nervous, unhappy around other dogs or people or recovering from surgery.

Putting your dog on lead gives the other owner confidence that your dog cannot run up to them which is a much nicer experience.


Pick up that poo!

Hands up if you've stepped in dog poo before? Not pretty is it! Never mind that, it can spread harmful diseases! 

Lets keep it nice for everyone and pick it up!


When not to let your dog off lead!

There is nothing greater than seeing a dog running off lead and having a blast but unfortunately there are times when they should ALWAYS be on lead! No exceptions!

  • If they have no recall! Pretty obvious one but you'd be surprised! Maybe consider joining a training class to get that recall spot on! Long lines are fantastic tool for a bit more freedom while doing a bit of come back practice!
  • If you are passing or near livestock or horse riders! Even the best behaved dog should be on lead and as far away from any livestock or horse riders as possible.
  • If your dog doesn't like other dogs, children or people and may potentially bite. Don't put your dog in this situation and preferably wear a muzzle. This is not just for others benefit but for yours also as it will stop your dog getting into trouble with your local animal welfare officer.
  • If you are close to a road, especially a busy one!


Respect the forest

The forest is not just a place to walk dogs, it is home to lots of wonderful nature and animals. Make sure you stick to the designated paths made for you so you don't disturb the wonderful things growing there or the homes of other nature.


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