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Paw Preference

on Mon 18 Jul

Have you ever wondered if your pup is left or right pawed…


Understanding paw preference. 

Just like us humans who use our dominant hand, every dog is different and will most likely favour their left or right paw.

Sadly our pups can talk and there is no test to identify the more dominant paw. However, experts have said dogs have a more equal chance than humans of being left or right pawed.

Whilst there are no scientific tests for your pup to take, there are some fun games you can do at home to see if your pup is a lefty or a righty.


The paw test 

Get your pup to sit and ask for a paw. 

See which paw they present to you first. 

Do this a couple of times and calculate which one they used more. 


The kong test 

Fill a kong with their favourite food and give this to your pup.

Watch them whilst they munch away and see what paw they use to hold their kong, if they swap paws count how many times they use each paw to hold the kong.


Give these fun tests a try at home and let us know if your dog is a lefty or righty.


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