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Why size doesn't always matter

on Wed 25 Aug

At Scenterbarks, we've been lovingly caring and mixing dogs of all shapes and sizes since 2014 and our extensive experience points to one fact:


It's not about size, it's about personality.


This doesn’t mean chuck your small dog in with bigger bouncier dogs and “let them get on with it” – there are some small dogs that are more nervous characters and therefore will be worried around crazy bouncy dogs which could bring out unwanted behaviour such as reactivity. However, this doesn’t mean they have to avoid big dogs all together. Meeting up with bigger dogs with a calm personality will help build their confidence around dogs of that size and help them realise that they are not all scary. It’s all about the experience! It also works the other way around. Bigger dogs need to learn how to adjust their play and


We mix by personality! Not size! We get to know our dogs like they’re our own so we can match them with friends that would be more suited to their character.


Take, for example, one of the beautiful Danes we have here at Scenterbarks. Goodness, she is a magnificent girl and to the untrained eye can seem to be a force to be reckoned with, in all her massiveness. But the truth is, she is very calm, gentle and can even be a slightly worried character too so we have no concerns putting her around a smaller dog (mostly because you would struggle to get her off the sofa!) We would choose her over some of the crazy Labradors puppies for sure!

Then in contrast, little Jess, the Jack Russell, is small in size but large in attitude! She is not phased at all when it comes to playing with dogs of all sizes provided they are equally as outgoing, bouncy and boisterous is perfect for Jess.


So if you are worried about your little doggy, then you need not be.


A good daycare centre or dog walker will never mix your dog with those that will make it feel scared, intimidated or helpless. 

We always get to know our doggies and match them up with other dogs that will give them an amazing social experience and a great day of fun - whether they are shy or outgoing.


So, how do we get so many different breeds mixing together in a positive way?

First and foremost, our experienced and dedicated team get to know each dog individually from the first time they step into our centre. We get to know who they are, what their energy levels are like, their unique personality and what they enjoy doing.  We then start making some gentle introductions with others that we believe they will get on with and we slowly build from there.


For example, a puppy, of any size, that is a bit more worried and reserved, despite being a small or larger pup may not be suitable to play with the crazy cockerpoo on day one. He may prefer to chill with Kimi, the calm and collected Akita who approaches slowly and has a nurturing way with puppies. Despite their size differences, this is a much better match to the build the puppies confidence, especially around bigger dogs.


This builds up their confidence and trust with us and the dogs at the dog daycare centre and will help them come out of their shell.


Not all of the smaller sized dogs warm up to bigger dogs and some bigger dogs are a bit crazy for the smaller ones! And that’s ok! We cater for that by switching dog around. As such, we make sure that the dogs get to play in groups of a similar size throughout the day too. We have several different areas which we can utilise.This means that the larger dogs can have fun going loony together and the smaller dogs can be as silly as they want, playing with dogs their own size.


But size.... it doesn't matter.


Get in touch if you would like to discuss ways to incorporate daycare or walking into your little dog's life, and we'll ensure you are put at ease.